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USDA Certified Lamb Meat
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Maryland Southdown Grass Fed Lambs 

Maryland raised lamb sets the standard for tenderness and quality. Our lambs are free range and free of antibiotics, chemicals and farmer-fed growth hormones.  We have planted mint throughout our meadow to enrich the taste of our lamb. Our meats are flash frozen to provide our family and restaurant customers the healthiest and richest flavored meat. We are USDA certified.  We stand behind our quality and hope that every meal prepared with our Maryland lamb will be the best.  Prices are listed below and are subject to change.  Please call for availability and current prices.  We strive to keep 90% of what we sell in stock. All our meat is certified lamb by the USDA not sheep in disguise as lamb.  We look forward to helping you. 

​      Dry Aged For 3 Weeks      
       * Prices For Meat Can Change
         Please check with market for updated prices

      Loin Chops                     $16.80 per lb  
      Cubed Stew Meat          $13.80 per lb.
      Split Rack Of lamb         $17.80 per lb.
      Kosher Bacon(Belly)      $13.80 per lb.
      Ground Lamb                 $14.80 per lb. 
      Leg Of Lamb                  $14.80 per lb  
      Shanks                           $11.90 per lb 
      Necks                             $8.80  per lb. 
      Leaf Lard & Inners         $9.80  per lb. (Sells Out Fast)
      Sweet Italian Sausage   $16.80 per lb.
      Chorizo Lamb Sausage $16.80 per lb.  

       Whole Lambs $6.00 per lb live weight.  

      Sheep (Mutton)    
       Cubed Stew Meat(Bone Free) $9.80 per pound

      All animals raised for meat are raised on this farm only
      and processed at under a year old.

​ Or 
Hampshire Sheep Trimming Christmas Tree Field